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Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Penis Name

What in the fuck has this world come to?

Your Penis Name is: Fat Albert

Was their such as a demand for penis names that a penis name generator had to be invented? Holy shit, this lunacy is so powerful, and its tentacles so wide reaching, that I was driven to find out my penis name. I've considered myself rather thick, but Fat Albert? I always thought my penis name would be Ruben STUDdard, who is also an obese african american, but one who's name contains a much cooler play on words. Well anyway, the FBI is one step closer to finding my ass, due to the fact that I just revealed that I am male. Fuck.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Holy Shit

This kid is so fucking badass, I could feel the bitch slap that I would get from even making eye contact with this bad mothafucker. Fuck Dakota Fanning. As a matter of fact, he probably already fucked Dakota Fanning. Been there, Fucked that. Fuck Haley Joel Osment, hell, Fuck Edward Furlong. This kid is fucking badass. He could probably silence a room of hardened ex cons who would masturbate to the very memory of this Ill McNasty, Badass, Sumbitch with a simple glare. Holy shit, I can't even type anymore. Oh and Walrus meat tastes like shit. Not chicken. Shit.