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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Most Ignorant Bullshit Ever

Not to sound elitist, or too high minded, but this is some of the stupidest shit I've encountered in my young life. Today on myspace, my piece of shit friend found a bulletin stating well, this:

Well there have been bulletins stating that on 06/06/06 at 6:06 am the demon will let lose and the end of the world occur, but I'm not sure thats all true because first of all the bible says the end will happen at night and you will hear trumpits and drums. Plus God designed our minds so that we could never fully understand him and 06/06/06 is too obvious, its most likely going to happen when we least expect it. In the bible 06/06/06 does not represent the end, it is just a mark that is placed on your head if you follow the devils word when "the end" does come, to be quite frank, its not the end of the world, its the new beginnig of a new world. Demons will come on earth but after the war between good and evil Jesus will lead is followers into salvation and the earth will be his kingdom. So if your going to write about 666, get backround information and don't write out of ignorance. Besides if you follow God's commandments and believe in Jesus you have nothing to worry about.Now repost this as "Truth about 6/6/6" If you love God

Now, take a moment after reading this and let whatever brain cells that you lost be replaced. Christian Conservatives in this country wonder why they get ridiculed and called neanderthals. Well, its because of idiocy like this. Keep in mind, I found this garbage on myspace, which is well known to be a bastion of literacy. Given, this post was probably put up by some fucking retarded suburban abstinence crusader who doesn't have anything better to do than stir shit up among the unwashed swaths that occupy myspace. (My myspace is

Usually there are many bulletins like this on Myspace, and they all assume that you agree with their retarded, sub cognitive assumption that Super Jesus is going to come sweep everyone up and have a Super cool sword fight with the devil, who of course is a physical being that has a pointy tail and red horns. Wow, just typing that killed off several hundred brain cells. Your probably better off doing shots of Mescaline while shooting heroine than believing in that stupid Bullshit

Repost this If I love God ? Fuck you.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Homeboy's New Piece of Shit Blog

Let me tell you the story on this, because like everything in life, there's a story behind it. Some cock wipe named Cril approaches me one day and wants to suck my dick because he's such a fan of my awesome blog. I say sure, he sucks me off, wipes his mouth and decides that he was so inspired by the taste of my huge throbbing cock that he wants to start his own blog, dedicated to fat fucks like myself.

The result?

Go to that Fucktard's website and enjoy yourself.

By the way Cril, you owe me another B.J.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

So anyway, Here are the last two things, as continued from the previous list.

4. I am not gay.

Tecnically, this isn't a reason for anything but a staggering amount of people enjoy questioning my sexuality. If I'm gay, then this guy to the left is God. Fuck. I am gay.

5. I don't Know.

I picked Five reasons because five is a nice number. I have five fingers, five toes, the most sexual partners I've had at the same time is five, etc. So anyway, Suck my balls you creamy bastards

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yes, yes I have taken a rather extensive leave from activities here at the Symposium, but a lot has changed. For example, the last time I graced your eyes with the beauty of my prose was way the fuck back in November. Repeating myself, A whole hell of a lot has changed. For example, I no longer walk around my house with nothing but my grandmother's used tampon hanging from my lip. Actually, I have never done that shit in my life but it sounds like an amazing idea. To make things simpler I have composed a list of Five major events in my life that have occured while away from this shit infested "blog". They are as follows

1. I have gotten pussy. Loads of it.

So now I'm a dickhead. Officially anyway, you see before the blog would be notoriously lacking any accounts whatsoever of any of my sexual pursuits. That's because at that point I still said things like "have you ever seen a chick's buh-gina?" and stupid shit like that to rather experienced friends of mine. After cutting my teeth with a couple of STD infested, Cum stained gutter whores, I emerged an expert in the art of pounding pussy. Yes, I am well versed in the nuanced craft of full on deep dicking.

2. I endured a(nother) year of high school.

This inevitably makes me more of an asshole than I ever was due to the fact that I had to go through an entire sorrounded by dicklicking fuckmonkeys of the sort that post dumbass youtube videos of retarded donkeys fucking all over their sad pathetic myspaces. This makes my blood boil, along with the typical assholes you meet, like the phantom of the opera fellating fuck turkeys that infest the drama department, non english speaking mira mira's and the rest of the dumbasses. I'm rusty, Fuck you.

3. I got into multiple fights with a 35 year old asshole.

Fuck him and his stupid gap tooth. This dumb fuck is the type of person that got his ugly little hood rat pregnant at an early age and chose to keep it instead of decking that bitch in the stomach while he was still able to. Now he has a faggoty ass cue ball headed son that has fantasies involving Friends characters throat fucking him. Anyway, he didn't get the memo that he was a middle aged piece of shit and I had to deliver it, Don King style. He can lick the vomit out of my taint. I swear if another New Yorican asshole with a literacy problem threatens to snap my neck, I'm going to spackle my balls.

Alright like I said, I'm rusty, so you assholes are going to have to wait till tommorrow for the other two, in the mean time, enjoy Chumbawumba.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Its me again

This is a clearer, sexier picture of me. Oh and by the way, dipset is gay. Really gay

Paul Wall is a Retard

Self Explanatory:

You don't start fucking nowadays when you're 25 or 30. Motherfuckers is fucking when they 12 and 11. Six year-olds getting head and sh!t. And it's for real. It just changed our society as a whole. - Rapper Paul Wall, commenting on society's changes over time.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Here I am

For all of you beckoning to know my identity, here it is

Im the one second to the right with the gray shirt and the shorts. Me, my friend Juan off to the right, and this gay guy I know named Roberto off to the left gang raped that innocent girl in the boys bathroom over the summer. Wow, I'm sexy.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Birthday

Yes, My birthday is today. Blow me. And Congratulate me. But also Blow me. Today is a day of sadness and reverence for most but today is a day of pure orgasmic joy for a fucked up ass egotist like myself. YEAH !!!