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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Excruciating Pain of a Man Past His Prime

Look at this man below. Look at what he's trying to do. Hold your tears:

He is a glowering example of a man. A man past his prime. You see, back in the early eighties, late seventies, this man was the shit. He could score any Bitch that he wanted. With his shirt slightly unbuttoned and his pants tight enough to notice an artificially produced bulge (folded hand towel), he would've cleaned up. Now this picture appears to be from sometime recent. In these days, this man will do anything but pick up a bitch, especially that Katie Couric looking bitch with the fake smile that he's hitting on. Notice that he's doing an outdated ass move and his hairline is receding faster than the french infantry, not to mention he's holding what appears to be a strong drink. The drink serving its purpose as curtain, a curtain obscuring his once great past as a fucking pimp ass motherfucker. Now he's just some cocksucking fucksap with no wits and a receding hairline


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